International Conference on Electrical Machines

About ICEM

The International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM) has established itself as an influential and recognized International event, being the only major international conference entirely devoted to electrical machines. Started in London in 1974, ICEM is now established as a regular event. Very successful recent editions were held in Helsinki (Finland) in 2000, Bruges (Belgium) in 2002, Cracow (Poland) in 2004, Chania (Greece) in 2006, Vilamoura (Portugal) in 2008, Roma (Italy) in 2010, Marseille (France) in 2012, Berlin (Germany) in 2014, Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2016, Alexandroupoli (Greece) in 2018 and Gothenburg (Sweden) in 2020.

Chairs of the ICEM Steering Committee

Arthur Ellisonfrom 1974 to1980
Heinz Bauschfrom 1982 to 1988
John Tegopoulosfrom 1990 to 1998
Brian Chalmersfrom 2000 to 2006
Gerard-Andre Capolinofrom 2008 to 2018

Since 2020 ICEM is an association registered in Switzerland as a non-profit organization:
Association «International Conference on Electrical Machines»

Chair of the ICEM Administrative Committee (former Steering Committee)
Francesco Parasiliti, from 2020

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