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ICEM Constitution

The operation of ICEM shall be administered by an Administrative Committee (AdCom).

Association «International Conference on Electrical Machines»

The Association has for object the promotion of scientific diffusion of information and activities related to electrical machines and similar devices.

To achieve this goal, the Association organizes conferences, symposia, workshops and tutorials.

Members of the Association are individuals working in the field of electrical machines.

The Association is composed of:
– the General Meeting
– the Administrative Committee
– the Officers.

The ordinary General Meeting includes all members of the Association.
This General Meeting will be held during each edition of the conference ICEM.
The Administrative Committee (AdCom) is composed of 22 members including 4 Officers and all Life Members.

Ordinary Administrative Committee members are elected for four years by the members of the Association.

Life Members are individuals who have been granted this status by the General Meeting, in recognition of outstanding service to the Association, e.g. former presidents of the Association.

The Administrative Committee meets every year and evaluates the different proposals and assigns the conference organization.

The Administrative Committee elects every 4 years the following officers among its members:
– a Chair;
– a Vice-Chair;
– a Secretary;
– a Treasurer.

Currently, the Officers are:
Francesco Parasiliti, chair
Antonios Kladas, vice-chair
Antonino Di Gerlando, secretary
Humberto Henao, treasurer.

The Officers are in charge of the management of the Association and they represent the Association.

Enrolment to the association is made at the ICEM conference registration.

The Conference fee includes the ICEM enrolment fee to encourage each participant to become a member.

The enrolment is voluntary.

In case of positive response, the Local Organizing Committee corresponds to the ICEM Association the enrolment fee that will be discounted from the Conference registration fee. Therefore, no additional costs will be charged to the participant.

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