ICEM 2022 Conference

ICEM 2022

The next ICEM will take place at Valencia Conference Centre, Spain between 5-8 September 2022.

ICEM 2024 Conference

ICEM 2024

The 2024 ICEM will take place in Torino, Italy. Further details will become available in due course.

ICEM 2020 Conference

A Virtual Conference Hosted by Chalmers in Sweden.

ICEM 2020 virtual learning continues …. All the conference materials except a few with special requirements will stay available on-line for all registered participants for an extra 3 months after the conference!

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The New ICEM Committee

ICEM Administrative Committee

Voting members (elected): 20

Francesco Parasiliti, Italy, Chair
Antonios Kladas, Greece, Vice-Chair
Antonino Di Gerlando, Italy, Secretary
Humberto Henao, France, Treasurer
Jose Alfonso Antonino-Daviu, Spain
Franck Betin, France, IEEE-IES representative
Anouar Belahcen, Finland
Aldo Boglietti, Italy, IEEE-IAS representative
Antonio Cardoso, Portugal
Ayman El-Refaie, USA
Maarten Kamper, South Africa
Yujing Liu, Sweden
Jan Melkebeek, Belgium
Hiroyuki Ohsaki, Japan
Ronghai Qu, China
Uwe Schaefer, Germany
Sandy Smith, UK
Noureddine Takorabet, France
Lucian Tutelea, Romania
Luca Zarri, Italy

Life members (voting): 2

Heinz Bausch, Germany
Gérard-André Capolino, France